London Spoon Club

Stepney City Farm, London
The Green Wood Guild hosts London Spoon Club – our weekly spoon carving sessions. Membership is £45 per month, and all tools and wood are provided, as well as tea, coffee, chip carving knives, milk paint, etc. These sessions are untaught, so if you have no previous carving experience, a prerequisite to joining is to have completed Barn the Spoon’s spoon carving day, available at, or to have come on our whittling taster intro workshops (at least spatula/butter spreader carving and miniature bowl carving). If you are interested in joining, please email for more information.

Stepney City Farm


Canterbury Spoon Club

Stelling Minnis, Kent
Canterbury Spoon Club meets from 18:00 - 20:30 every other Tuesday at Knowler Farm, Curtis lane Canterbury CT4 6AD. Meetings are at the classroom in the event field. Sessions are £5 a head which go the Knowler Farm Charity. Please get in touch with Jill Swan if you're planning to attend - she'll be able to provide dates, location information etc.

Canterbury Kent






Gloucestershire & Friends Spoon Club

Tetbury, Gloucestershire
First Sunday of each month 11am to 5pm. Skills share, socialise and enjoy being outdoors at the Woodyard. Free, with soup, snacks and hot drinks provided. Small contributions gratefully accepted.

Tetbury, Gloucestershire






New members should contact Dave before attending for the first time.

Must be able to carve safely in an informal
learning environment.

Bristol Spoon Club

Come and enjoy friendly chat, plentiful supplies of wood and soup! We meet every Thursday from 5pm - 9pm. Suggested donation of £5 to cover space hire and soup. Please message Geoff before attending for more details

Grow Wilder

181 Frenchay Park Road Bristol BS16 1HB

Please park in Begbrook Social Club or use the side-gate if coming by bike.



Nottingham Spoon Club (Spoon Moot)

Every Friday evening we come together to carve out a spoon shaped piece of peace. Spoons are where it starts but we might end up anywhere! All are welcome, whatever shape you're in you'll fit. 6-8pm, £5 donation to keep the space going, tea flowing, and trees growing. Expect tea, coffee, something sweet and maybe even some music to help the evening along. Please bring your own tools and wood if you have them, or share what's here. Spoon Moot is a social space for whittling away at things, we all learn from each other, this is not a class or workshop... If you don't know which end of the axe is the sharp one, then book a learning session with us and sharpen up your skills first.

By Our Hands We Make Our Way

42 Sneinton Market, Freckingham Street Nottingham NG1 1DQ


Bedfordshire Spoon Club

Maulden Wood, Bedfordshire
We are a small and friendly group of spoon carvers who normally get together on the first Saturday on the month. Our request is that everyone has had some basic spoon carving training and has their own tools. The group is varied in skill level and folk are more than happy to answer any questions, do some demonstrating and share our passion for spoon carving. We've normally got lots of wood available that wants to be turned into spoons. There is no fee and there is always lots of food going around as folk share whatever they bring. New members to contact David for info on workshop location.

Maulden Wood, Bedfordshire

Cambridgeshire Spoon Club

Wildly Curious, Bourn Cambridgeshire
Cambridgeshire Spoon Club meets monthly at WIldly Curious in Bourn. You can find information about meet ups and get in touch with the organisers on their facebook group.


Guildford Spoon Club

West Horsley, Surrey
A club for spoon carvers with some experience, own tools required. we meet mostly weekly currently on a Tuesday from 7-9pm to carve and chat! It is free at the moment however we may move to a wood location were a small fee may be incurred Message Adrian either via instagram or facebook for more details

West Horsley, Surrey

South Wales Spoon Club

South Wales
A like minded group of individuals from the South Wales area promoting spoon carving and traditional greenwood crafts. Meetings held on the last Sunday of the month, 10am till 4pm at Coed Hills Rural Arts Centre. Everyone welcome, though some experience in carving and tool safety essential. £5pp which goes directly to Coed Hills. Due to the unique nature of the event (axes, knives, etc.), we ask you not to come with young children (Under 16’s). Contact for more info and to introduce yourself before attending your first meeting.

Yorkshire Spoon Club

Ellekers Wood, near Brafferton, North Yorkshire
Free. New members welcome. We usually meet once a month on a Sunday at Ellekers Wood, for a friendly carve around the fire. Shelter, tea, coffee and biscuits aplenty; folks chip in a £ donation every so often. Tuition is not provided (though some of our members run courses) - friendly advice is freely available. Please contact Dan Watson to confirm attendance and for arrival information, on 07970 116515 or email

Ellekers Wood Near Brafferton North Yorkshire


NYC Spoon Club

New York, NY
NYC Spoon Club is a monthly get-together for green woodworkers. Come join us to work on projects, talk all things sloyd, watch demonstrations, and scheme about where to harvest wood.

Seattle Spoon Club

Seattle, WA
The Seattle Spoon Club is a group of dedicated spoon enthusiasts who meet at the Pratt Fine Arts Center once a month in Seattle, WA. The club began in January 2019 as a way for the spoon carving community to connect with each other, and the group has continued to grow since then. The Pratt Fine Arts Center wood shop has provided a great space for many of those in the club to get started in spoon carving through classes offered by the school. The mission of the spoon club is to allow a community where people feel welcome and safe to be who they are, and is eager to share the craft and passion with all who wish to be a part of the group. There is a great effort to provide green wood for anyone that participates, and the club holds demos of various sorts, with lots of discussion on tools and ad-hoc instruction. Beginners and novices oftentimes join more experienced carvers, like our patron saint, Tom Henscheid, with his 40 years experience, incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, and unbounded enthusiasm for instruction. The spoon club is intent on creating a more inclusive and diverse woodworking community in the Pacific Northwest.
Pratt Fine Arts Center

Wood Studio

1902 S. Main St. Seattle WA 98102


Spoon Club Québec

Québec City, Canada
Les Sculpteurs de cuillères du Québec (Spoon Club Quebec) is a community of spoon carvers whose mission is to promote the culture of spoon carving by organizing social activities in the province of Quebec in Canada with people that share the same passion. Les Sculpteurs de cuillères du Québec est une communauté de sculpteurs de cuillères qui a comme mission de promouvoir la culture liée à la sculpture de cuillères en organisant des activités sociales de façon sporadique dans la province de Québec au Canada avec des gens qui souhaitent partager une même passion. French is spoken as a first language at this club

Québec City


Tzivon Spoonclub

Tziv'on, Israel
A twice monthly club, managed by experienced carver Mikey Elefant. We carve in a beautiful old Oak Forest, with members aged from 6 to 50, working with local and indigenous trees. Membership is 150NIS (30 GBP) covering meet ups, lessons and guest instructors.

Center for Woodland Craft, Tziv'on, Israel


Auckland Spoonclub

Auckland, New Zealand
The Spoon Club invites all Kiwi carvers — and spoon loving travellers — to come on and feel the slöjd! We meet Monthly on Tuesday at The Solo Blacksmith Workshop in Mount Albert, Auckland.


Lepel Club

Bruges, Belgium
Weekly spoonclub in the (work)shop the Spoonhouse (= het Lepelhuis) in Bruges on Thursday nights. We focus on skill sharing and bringing happy carving people together. We provide drinks, snacks, tools and every month a new sort of fresh wood to carve. If you visit Bruges, always welcome at the Spoonhouse or join the club on Thursday!

Het Lepelhuis

Torhoutse Steenweg 74 Bruges


Rise Up & Carve

We are a FREE (never for profit) community of spoon carvers who gather daily to share our the joy of spoon carving with others. There is no obligation to attend daily - people can come and go as they are able. We've had spoon luminaries such as Don Nalezyty (a regular attendee), Lee Stoffer (who graciously allowed us to record a chip carving tips session), and Amy Leake join us. We hope to grow this community and get to a point where at almost any time of day you can sign on and find someone to carve with anywhere in the world. There are currently 2 daily regularly scheduled sessions - 6am GMT and 6am EST US. Sessions typically last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours (longer on weekends). There are also "ad hoc" sessions at various times & on various days.

How to Attend

You can use a PC/MAC equipped with a video camera or your mobile device (tablet, phone, laptop), and obviously you’d need a fast internet connection and/or unlimited data if using a mobile cellular device. The room is available to anyone 24×7 – using this link and Meeting ID, or download the free Zoom app for your mobile device and click Join then enter the Meeting ID. The ID never changes.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 529 157 0928

If you send us your email address (send to we will send you an invite to:
1. Join Zoom to create an Account (free)
2. Zoom Chat Channel which we use to discuss things in written form and
3. The riseupandcarve Google Group – which forwards an email alert whenever anyone opens the Zoom session so you’ll know someone is actively on the Zoom so you can join if you’re available (useful for those Ad Hoc sessions).

This page will be regularly updated with a growing catalogue of awesome spoon clubs

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