Spoon Bowl Templates Set


A selection of spoon bowl templates we’ve created covering some of the designs made famous in Barn’s book Spon. These are laser cut from a thin and flexible but durable plastic. We’re currently working to expand with a new template each month. These are also freely available to full members to download and use.

Top row (L-R) is the asymmetric cooking spoon and shovel ended cooking spoon. Bottom row (L-R) is oval shaped like the cawl spoon then egg shaped like the Roma spoon and then fig shaped. Complete with centre lines, the symmetric bowls can be flipped, the asymmetric ones are complete

Approximate Sizes:

Asymmetric Cooking Spoon: 30mm to 75mm wide
Shovel Ended Cooking Spoon: 28mm to 67mm
Oval Shaped Spoon: 40mm to 110mm
Egg Shaped Spoon: 24mm to 68mm
Fig Shaped Spoon: 32mm to 85mm

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