Sharpening Kit


This is our incredibly useful basic sharpening kit. We believe all these items would be useful for any spoon carver to have as part of their kit. The hard plastic board is perfect for knives and axes and any other tools that require a flat or convex bevel. This will come with 3000 grit wet and dry paper already applied. Included in the kit is a small selection of a variety of different grits of wet and dry paper. We use 3M repositionable spray adhesive with our kit to apply the wet and dry so you can do that with the other sheets (or you could just hold the abrasive paper against the flat board). These are widely available online and often in hardware stores. We would recommend going to a minimum of a 2000 grit prior to stropping with the honing compound.

Contents: Non slip mat, durable plastic with non-stick covering, selection of wet and dry (800, 1200, 2000, 3000, 5000), soft wood strop with two honing compounds (rough and smooth), dowel for sharpening the inside of spoon knives with rubber o-ring to hold abrasive paper in place, drawstring bag.

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