Basics Bundle


A set of sawn spatula spoon blanks delivered to your door, green and ready to carve! Perfect for those times when you can’t access any local wood, or when you’re not fully confident in your axe work.

This is our basics kit, designed for those who are just starting out or looking to refine their technique. This kit contains 2 teaspoon blanks, 2 basic spoon blanks and 2 spatula blanks in a mixture of alder, birch, lime and chestnut. These blanks are designed with plenty of room to make the designs your own.

Blanks are packaged and sent out green, wrapped in compostable plastic to keep them fresh. If you leave them in the plastic bag for an extended period of time they will go mouldy, we advise transferring them straight to the freezer once they arrive, then defrosting them at your convenience when you are ready to carve!

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